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Lion Team Advisors or LTA is a well known name in Malaysia which provides Integrated Professional Financial and Estate Planning Services. Our inception was initiated by a team of far sighted board of directors since 1995. LTA is a platform of gathering and networking a team of energetic and enthusiastic leaders, members and professionals, making its best in providing Professional Advisory services and deliver a world class excellent customer services.

Through the visionary board, the LTA is operated with a set of unique organizational cultures, i.e. Gratitude, Giving and Group Unity. Thus, it has been nurturing leaders with commitment, dedication, principles and values within the organization.

In 2004, LTA had changed name from Lion Team Agency Sdn Bhd to Lion Team Advisors Sdn Bhd, which transformed to become a financial planning company since then. Within a short period of time, in 2006 the company had further expanded together with the committed share holders and registered to be a Lion Team Advisors Berhad. During the same period, LTA further streamlined its operation by setting up function-based business units to provide specialized services to its customers and advisors.

Our Mission
Establishing entrepreneur networks that sharing common beliefs and values via Financial Integrated Services. Add value to people's lives by creating wealth for every one to share and enjoy

Our Vision
To be the preferred one-stop Financial Planning & Networking Corporation in Malaysia and beyond.

Our Principle 3 Is
Independent, Innovative, Interactive

Our Motto
Together We Progress"

Our Business Units
LTA has been going through many years business evolution with the past experiences in delivering financial and estate planning services; today, the entire team of board of directors had come to one accord to enhance and develop different business units in order to further strengthen the support structure and provide world class customer service to our valued customers. Respective business units will have their own expertise to ensure LTA delivers the greatest customer experience and professionalism to our valued customers as the bottom line.

LEA Lion Estate Advisors, a business unit which consists of a group of specialists to provide estate planning advisory services. The core products of it are Will, Trust, Business Succession Plan and etc.

LiA - Lion-I Advisors, its main function is to seek for different type of investment instruments and fund managers from different companies to group together. Ultimately is to provide variety of investment products and services for our customers investment diversification purpose.

IRMA - Independent Risk Management Advisors Sdn Bhd holds the Financial Adviser license from Malaysian Central Bank, to enable LTA to provide a neutral and independence insurance planning services for our customers. The main goal is to provide choices of protection products from different insurers to suit the customers preference and project the professionalism.

LRA - Lion Risk Advisors Sdn Bhd, the sister company of LTA that operate its business with a far-reaching agency system. It consists of a group of agency leaders (Group Sales Managers) and central working committees (CWC) to facilitate and coach approximately 460 members. It is a motivated, dynamic, successful and remarkable risk management planning company in Northern Region.

LWA - Lion Wealth Advisors Sdn Bhd (a licensed financial planning company by Securities Commission), initially was a business unit which provides a common platform for all professional to group together and extend their services to our customers. This group of professionals had developed a complete financial planning system to facilitate and allow the customers to materialize their financial goals.


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